The film portrays the rural communities that cultivate and harvest Lebanese Red hash in the mountains of eastern Lebanon. Despite working in difficult conditions for an illegal industry and living an existence that seems suspended between the valley and the sky, the people of the community labor​ with humbling gratitude for the gifts of the earth, and with faith in God and in each other. Directed by Jessy Moussallem Produced by Phantasm - Clandestino films - Caviar Executive Producers: Olivier Muller, Wissam Smayra, Ray Barakat, Sorcha Shepherd Producer: Eli Souaiby Cinematography: Benoit Soler Editor: Carlos Font Clos Colorist: Mathieu Caplanne Line Producer: Marlene Jaber Assistant Director: Melissa Karam Production Coordinators: Jad Nehme, Sarah Hassoun Phantasm Production Coordinator: David Borens Production Manager: Sayed Abou Haidar Fixer: Peter Lichaa Steady Cam Operator: Fares Corbani Gear Rental House: Gamma Engineering - Anthony Kadamani Post House: Nightshift Post Producer: Maxime Dabel VFX: Brunch Sound Design: Benzene Graphic Designer: Claire Dubosc Commissioner: John Hassay Music by: Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons Manager: Ed Cartwright